FTS Support

FTS Support

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FTS will installs TeamViewer on the delivered systems to provide screen sharing and audio collaboration
capabilities to be used to aid technical support. It is a condition of support that systems are connected
to the internet.

Support can be delivered via telephone, email or other communication mediums but the main, most
effective method is via remote desktop. Please note that remote desktop operation is unsecure.
Support is provided to enable the correct operation of the simulator itself, not the simulated aircraft
systems. Customers are expected to use resources available elsewhere for questions about the
operation of simulated avionics or aircraft systems.

If we determine an issue is related to FTS software, it will be addressed in a new software version.
Depending on the severity of the issue it may not be addressed until the next planned release. For other
software such as X-Plane FTS will inform the manufacturer of the problem.

Installation of other software onto a TouchTrainer is done at the users own risk and may affect the FAA
approval. Please consult FlyThisSim for details.