TouchTrainers® can ONLY be ordered by phone: Call 1-877-2FLY-FTS (accessories and software can be purchased in this online store)
TouchTrainers® can ONLY be ordered by phone: Call 1-877-2FLY-FTS (accessories and software can be purchased in this online store)
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FlyThisSim TouchTrainer Warranty and Support

Warranty and Support

12 months warranty is provided as part of your TouchTrainer purchase. Extended warranty may be purchased as an option at the time of TouchTrainer purchase or at any time while warranty is in force.

  • Warranty: Refers to hardware provided as part of your TouchTrainer purchase. Warranty includes support.
  • Support: Refers to software updates, navigation data updates, and new features. It also includes business operating hour’s access to telephone, email and remote desktop support for the resolution of incorrect system operation.

For warranty pricing please refer to your quotation or contact


In the case of hardware failure FTS will procure all replacement hardware for the customer and have it delivered to the customer’s location in a configuration that requires limited assembly and cable connections. All components will be fully integrated and tested by FTS before shipping. Should the TouchTrainer not work as specified during the warranty period:

  • Initial consultation with FlyThisSim should be used to identify defective equipment and obtain warranty advice. TouchTrainer owners may have to deal directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for repair and replacement where equipment warranty is provided by the original suppliers. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs to and from FTS.
  • Due to OEM warranty policies, international customers may need to ship parts back to FTS before they can be returned to the OEM. Please note that international shipping costs to and from FTS may make it advantageous for customers to purchase new parts locally.
  • In the event of a computer malfunction that requires TouchTrainer™ software to be re-installed either FTS will ask the customer to load and re-install the software from backups provided, or, alternatively the computer may be shipped back to FTS for re-configuration or software may be installed by remote operation. Costs for shipping and insurance will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Joystick, Rudder Pedals and Throttle Quadrant are considered consumable items. These items often give many years of service but will eventually wear out. Items in this category should be replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty or otherwise locally replaced by the TouchTrainer owner.
  • Warranty always includes support defined below.

Where an item needs to be returned for repair via FlyThisSim users should first contact us for a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.


FTS will installs TeamViewer on the delivered systems to provide screen sharing and audio collaboration capabilities to be used to aid technical support. It is a condition of support that systems are connected to the internet.

Support can be delivered via telephone, email or other communication mediums but the main, most effective method is via remote desktop. Please note that remote desktop operation is unsecure.

Support is provided to enable the correct operation of the simulator itself, not the simulated aircraft systems. Customers are expected to use resources available elsewhere for questions about the operation of simulated avionics or aircraft systems.

If we determine an issue is related to FTS software, it will be addressed in a new software version. Depending on the severity of the issue it may not be addressed until the next planned release. For other software such as X-Plane FTS will inform the manufacturer of the problem.

Installation of other software onto a TouchTrainer is done at the users own risk and may affect the FAA approval. Please consult FlyThisSim for details.

Warranty Expiration

Warranty is provided with all TouchTrainers for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. Extended warranty may be purchased at any time before the end of the warranty period.

  • Should the customer not wish to purchase warranty extensions he may purchase TouchTrainer Support
  • Should the warranty period expire additional warranty it CANNOT BE PURCHASED.
  • Should the warranty period expire TouchTrainer Support may be purchased for 1.5 * the current software support cost. Re-acquiring TouchTrainer Support may require updating any out of date software.
  • Support can only be provided for the latest TouchTrainer software.
  • Warranty and support is not transferrable
  • Warranty is only available for 3 years
  • Support is available beyond 3 years

Customers that purchase TouchTrainer Support may purchase any required (failed) equipment from FlyThisSim or local suppliers under the advice of FlyThisSim. Please note that some individual items of hardware, particularly 23” touch screen provide 3 years of warranty.

* FlyThisSim: Warranty and Support Policy 7/1/2014